XPROi/The Dance Machine Multi-Media:

Wedding multimedia services is a very new offering to the wedding industry in this market.  The Dance Machine is happy to be one of the first companies in the Pacific Northwest to offer this servic to you.  At the heart of the multi media package, are two large flat screens mounted close to the dance floor so that your guests are able to see everything that you are offering to them in digital content.


We are able to offer a digital monogram either as a static or full motion piece.  This may be done either on the flat screen panels, or by a high brightness/high contrast video projector, or both.

Relationship Story/ Entrance:

This is content that is created specifically for the moments right before your grand entrance. It can be a combination of digital still pictures and video.  Through the use of digital media, we are able to share the story of your relationship with your friends and family...

Wedding Trivia:

The Dance Machine has put together a 20 minute “reel” of wedding trivia, which is perfect to show before your entrance, after your entrance, or during dinner.

Picture Montage:

This is where you provide The Dance Machine with enough JPG images to have content on the screens for a song.  Typically, 10 images for every minute of music.  The Dance Machine will set these pictures to a slide show and show them on the screens.

This is very powerful.

Popular montages are the couple’s first dance, the Bride’s dance with her father, and the Groom’s dance with his mother.

Music Video:

The Dance Machine DJs are more than DJs, they are VJs.  They can, if you like, play the music videos to most of your requests.  The Dance Machine has thousands of titles in it’s library.  People love music videos