Ceremony Production:

The Dance Machine is able to assist you with the production aspects of your ceremony.  This usually incorporates a second set of professional sound equipment and a pair of wireless microphones the day of.  Ceremony events also usually include us being there for your rehearsal the night before with a small speaker so that everyone is familiar with the
music changes and song length.  You pick your songs for your ceremony in the planning stages.

The day of your ceremony, the sound system will be set up and in place 60 minutes prior to the start of your ceremony, allowing for your choice of pre-ceremony music to be played for your guests as they wait for your big moment.  The most important part of your day.  

For a small additional charge, The Dance Machine is able to provide additional microphones or connections for live musicians, scripture readers, and anyone else that needs to be heard during your ceremony.

The Dance Machine offers three levels of standard ceremony production:  

Same room                   

This is done in the same room/area as the reception and does not involve a  second sound system or moving of equipment.

Same Location            

This is done where you need our services at the same location as the reception, but require a second sound system at the location.

Different Location    

This is done where you need ceremony services performed at a location that is away from the location where the reception is being held.